'Swapping' Trips

Sustainable & sociable! Can take place with tea/coffee/cake or cocktails and other delights...

'Wild Anchor' is all about integrating and working WITH the planet, respecting our resources and living life to the max as we do so.  It's also a space within which these 8 youngsters can be themselves & be amongst family & friends.  Step into the shoes of those we're helping & have a great time with your mates as we make this home a reality.

Book a time to host a Swapping Trip using the form below & I'll get back to you ASAP to let you know your date's in the diary.  Then...

1. Pack anything you'd like to 'swap' for something else into a bag/box - Clothes, DVDs, Books, Jewellery, Shoes... No pets or children allowed ;-)

2.  Invite as many friends as you'd like to do the same and meet you at the Coffee Shop/Bar/Pub of your choice (or have it at home!)

3. I'll arrive with a donations box, a box of chocs and a pass the parcel! (Recycled paper, MMTO Swapsies is all about Sustainable living after all).

4. Swap whatever you've brought and pop the amount you think you've saved (if you had had to buy those items) into the donations box, getting us closer to the £1,000,000 home for life goal, never need to fundraise again!

BONUS (If you'd like to try Campervan living for an afternoon/evening, we can host your Swapping Trip Party in Mill(y)onaire Milly herself.  I can park up in your driveway or a pre-agreed location and you can all pile in with your boxes & we can make a party of it!)

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