Milly's Mission - Progress

On track to hit the road by 1st April 2018…

Some exciting news… Guy Wilmot, CEO of Bird & Wild Coffee, came on board as Milly’s first major Sponsor just before Christmas 2017. This coffee will be supplemented with some gifted (thank you so much Koko!) Koko Dairy Free Milk although it’ll definitely be the caffeine that fuels me as I hit the road! Guy also suggested stepping Milly’s “Fundraising Stall” idea up a gear to not only bring on board more donations for Swapsies but also keep donors refreshed as I travel: Milly will be running as a mobile coffee house too, offering tea, coffee & other refreshments for great prices, all proceeds going towards MMTO Swapsies. Customers can chill in camping chairs or Milly’s reclining chairs and find out more about my promise to do my very small bit, evening the odds for people to achieve their full potential. They can even join Plucky Us and get the intros and funding THEY might need to live their dreams.

As I’ll be travelling with 2 small dogs, I also got in touch with the businesses that THEY love… Kong & Arden Grange both SO kindly offered free toys and training treats, to keep Bud & Jax happy and fit as we travel the UK.

With a couple of other Sponsorship spots ‘reserved’ (funding still pending) this year looks set to rock and - as Milly’s wheels get turning - even roll too!

Big hugs, Alana xxx

PS. If you’re reading this and you’re the CEO/Founder of an awesome, wonderful business with a big heart and a lot to shout about, maybe I haven’t heard of you yet but would love the chance to collaborate with you and proudly wear your colours as one of Milly’s Sponsors. If you fancy finding out more about ‘Milly Making You Famous’ or ‘Making Magic Happen With Milly’ get in touch.

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