1 premise, 2 promises: 1 Mobile Mission to Keep them Both...

My passion… To help everyone get an equal chance to achieve their potential. It began with making a promise to 8 homeless disabled youngsters in Swaziland that I’d build them a home & as people donated I found myself helping those donors too (Entrepreneurs, Film makers, Athletes, Adventurers & more) by founding Plucky Us, which acts like a dating agency for amazing ideas/people, also helping to fund those ideas.

2 demographics, the same premise: Everyone gets a fair chance in life.

I’m going to be driving around the UK in Milly, the ‘Mill(y)onaire making’ Campervan for as long as it takes, raising £1,000,000 to give the youngsters in Swaziland their first & forever home and enabling as many Plucky Members as possible to succeed in their goals.

But why head off on the road? Why not work from home?

Because during the original My Million To One Campaign, I learnt a lot of lessons in cost efficiency, productivity and the importance of getting out there and being a person, not a Tweet.

I organised a lot of high profile Q&As & mentoring sessions during the previous campaign. They were almost the only time I wasn’t sitting behind a desk, frantically promoting/marketing. I’d gain donations from people I chatted to on the train to/from these events (or from those I sat next to in coffee shops) but then I’d go home to my tiny desk and hammer out dozens of posts, tweets and articles to an online audience that had no emotional association with what I was doing and very little inclination to care…

In person, strangers would donate. Online, I was well meaning at best or suspicious at worst.

No media outlet had blasted about the 8 youngsters I wanted to help. I was working from home, sitting in a bedroom trying to gain the attention of millions whilst the hours I worked cut me off from 90% of out & about social interaction… But it was those few occasions of speaking to people human to human that made the biggest difference.

So now I’ll be ‘working from home’ again BUT it’s a home without geographical or fundraising limitations…

It means fundraising all over the UK and making Plucky truly Nationwide… Every stranger in our town squares, villages & city centres could become a Donor or Member. As far as Plucky’s concerned: chatting to locals in coffee houses/pubs means offering them life changing opportunities. Just this month I’ve organised intros with TV Channels, branding experts, Amazon sellers, Entrepreneurs, Physical Therapists, dreamers, doers & lovely visionaries.

With regards to Swapsies… Putting it crudely: who cares about 8 disabled youngsters in Africa? There’s so many TV ads, so many calls on our purses to ‘give give give…’ But folk DO care when I speak to them in person. They’re given the opportunity to respond to my sincerity and to see for themselves how much it matters, which offers the chance to empathise.

Milly will even double as a fundraising STALL - parking up with signs/bunting & bursting with donation boxes, business cards and flyers.

Donors can stop by for a coffee/tea, keep in touch (human to human, not landing page to email recipient) look through the house plans, become emotionally attached to my promise… ​ ​

Swapsies gets moving BECAUSE I’m literally building momentum as a I drive around/park up and not a moment is wasted, with Swapsies/Plucky promotion on Milly as she trundles down motorways or winding country lanes.

What it means really, at its core… It means a home ASAP for these 8 youngsters because of the chance to ask 1000s of people face to face if they’d help me to keep my promise. It means £10,000s in funding for those Plucky Members struggling without the capital to get ahead.

It means lives changed and lives SAVED.

#AlanaHurd #Fundraising

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