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Campervan Mill(y)onaire Milly has already proven herself to be a powerful point of connection between individuals, organisations and groups within the UK.  I hope that she will also expand to be a global point of connection between the youngsters in Swaziland AND her donors in the UK.

Part of my fundraising strategy is continuing to build a National Community around Mission Milly within which to publicise my work in Swaziland and allow people to step into the shoes of those youngsters I've been trying to help, empower and build a home for: celebrating human life on this planet and the similarities we all share.

Human connection is key and embracing spending time with liked minded and hearted people is something I feel really passionate about.  

I've had this idea and I'd love to know what you think of it...

I would love to offer you and 3 friends/family members a day trip to anywhere by a Sea/Mountain/Forest/Lake (anywhere within a 60 mile drive from picking you up) with hot tea/coffee and vegan brownies, choc and snacks for £100 (£25 per person) to be used any time you choose. I could pick you up from a location local to you all and drive you all to your chosen destination for the day and chat and see if I could help with anything (in the old MMTO spirit) and park by the beach/lake/nature reserve for afternoon tea/coffee and then drop you back.

This is SO important not only because I want to reach out person to person (as opposed to acting as a single entity driving around) but because this Swazi home MUST be built from a community that feels love and care for humanity.

On receipt of this Booking I will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange date/location.  Any questions at all, please phone/text me on 07502008745.

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