Take part in 'Safe & Sound'.  
(As your donation is building the new home, your musical recommendations are filling it with tunes!)

Safe & Sound is to fill the NEW home of 8 homeless, disabled people in Swaziland with funky/chilled/beautiful/upbeat music for the rest of their lives.  Every penny raised will go towards building the new home & running it for life, never needing to fundraise again.


1.  Enter your name & email (data protected, obviously.)


2.  Tell me when the music is best listened to (EG. over breakfast or lying in the garden or just chilling.) 


3.  Use the last box to list all of the songs that you think the 8 people in the home should listen to & fill their day-to-day lives with. 


4.  Submit your recommendation with a donation (as much/little as you like.) 

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