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Share Chocolate, Coffee & Tea with Me (my treat!) as I Keep My Promise...

I thought that My Million To One Swapsies was just about keeping a promise because no one else (back in Swaziland) was able to...  


Recently, I’ve realised WHY I’ve felt such a call to build this home.  During the previous MMTO campaign I became vegan, purely because I didn’t like the way that animals are viewed almost as consumer products rather than sentient beings.  Not wanting to pay money into a factory line, I made a personal choice.  I won’t campaign my veganism or tell others what their personal choices should be BUT the point of this story is…  

It made me realise WHY I’d committed to building a home for 8 disabled youngsters in Swaziland (funded for the rest of their lives) & why I hadn’t given up despite the CHALLENGES FACED.

My drive in life is to help balance the odds for everyone (humans and animals alike) to allow everyone a fair chance to live life to the fullest.  Whether the odds are stacked sky high up against them or whether they just need a helping hand, I want to ensure that they’re given the same chances as everyone else to live life on their own terms.

That’s what MMTO Swapsies is based on.  Giving these youngsters a fair shot when the odds ARE stacked against them.  With a home, healthcare and a chance to be happy, they can make of life what they will…


So I’m relaunching MMTO by heading off on the road (instead of campaigning almost purely ON-line) in a Campervan called Mill(y)onaire Milly - not such an unusual name, given the £1,000,000 goal!

Mill(y)onaire Milly will also be financially empowering 1000s of Dreamers around the UK - from multiple industries - through Plucky Us.

Campervan Mill(y)onaire Milly - #MissionMilly - is set up to be a Coffee Shop, Mobile Office, Merchandise/Fundraising Stall & Teeeeeeny Party Venue.

I am writing for Mogul, Campervan & Campfire Online Magazines, Richard E Grant & Leon Taylor are (so kindly) my Patrons & I have loads of events lined up through December & into January, with more already being organised into Spring. 


Milly The Van combines my passions in life perfectly since not only do Coffee Shop profits go to MMTO but the Coffee Shop’s also vegan.    As well as this being personally very important to me, it’s also far more practical to be vegan since food hygiene standards for dairy milk are harder to maintain under Campervan conditions.  I am working with some gorgeous vegan brands, like Moo Free Chocolate, Coco Caravan & Elements For Life, Bird & Wild Coffee & The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company. 

They are just of the few of the 250 Partner companies working with me (helping to fund this endeavour) who do great things in the world too.  Companies like Zero Waste Club, Cherry Essentials, Friendly Soaps, Soul Holistics, Stagehouse UK & Comtrack are also working with me: their products will be sold via the Campervan Coffee Shop & Merchandise Stall -  those with services to promote rather than products will receive introductions to potential Clients instead.


I'd like to be partnered with YOU too.  I'd like to invite you on board to help me bring this about...  As Friends, you are the people with whom I'd like to be working most of all, building this home together, bringing light and laughter into the world TOGETHER.

So here's my proposal...

£20 a month keeps me on the road, rocking up at booked events & covering all of my expenses (eco filtered diesel, parking etc) so that the money raised for MMTO Swapsies & Plucky Us stays where it should.

In return, I would like you to allow me the chance to show my appreciation for the kindness & goodness you're enabling (I can't do this without you) like this...

"Alana 's Thank You Package"

(Cost - £20 a month.)


- Coffee/Tea/Cake/Chocs in Campervan Milly (on me) whenever I'm in your neck of the woods.

- On the 30th of every month from January 30th 2019 onwards - as part of the 'Thank You Package' YOU can win £20 in a 'Live Life Lottery'... That £20 MUST be used to treat yourself, cherish yourself and reward yourself for just being YOU.

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