Build the Home as YOU Fill it With Colour. 
DonARTe is to fill the NEW home of 8 homeless, disabled people in Swaziland with stunning, colourful art for the rest of their lives.  Every penny raised will go towards building the new home & running it for life, never needing to fundraise again.
There will be 6 pieces of art, (designed by artist Kelsey Zalimeni) to hang in the home & fill the lives of the 8 occupants with colour.  Each piece of art will be a beautiful mosaic made from the selfies that you upload, using the form below.

Each piece of art is different.  You can choose which piece of art you want to feature in by choosing a matching pose...  


EG. For 'Smile' you take a selfie brushing your teeth, or for 'Bubble Bath Time' you take a selfie in a bubble bath.

What To Do

1.  Take a selfie of yourself in one of 6 poses: 

1. Standing outside your front door (for the #HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs artwork.)  2. Brushing your teeth (for the #Smile artwork.)  3. Enjoying your space at home/in the garden (for the #ASpaceToCallMyOwn artwork.)   4. Celebrating your birthday (for the #HappyBirthday artwork.)  5. Having a bubble bath (for the BubbleBathTime artwork.)  6. Looking Beautiful (for the #You'reBeautiful artwork.) 
2.   Fill in the form below with your...  Name, Email address (100% confidential, obviously) the relevant hashtag to match your selfie and then upload your selfie along with your donation.
3.  Finally, you can share this idea and tell people about your kind act by sharing this page & tagging others if you want them to join you in the mosaic: Friends forever, featured together in a piece of art filling a home with colour.
[Examples of your Selfies in the Mosaics...]
Where the art will hang in the home...
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