I first met Siphiwe & Mxolisi in 2000.  They were toddlers then and I was 18.  As time passed and I kept in touch with the hospital in Swaziland and their development it became clear that no one else was able to help them.  I really regret that I didn't understand the urgency of their situation then: that I expected someone else to help them before I could. 


I can't give them back their childhoods - they are teenagers now or in their early 20s - but I can give them the rest of their lives, better health than they have ever experienced, a safe place to call home & the best chance to know a happiness they've been denied so far.


It may seem too late BUT I'm 37 and I still need friends and hugs and fresh food/water and a safe place to sleep and music and love...  Don't they deserve that too?  How terrible that they've missed out on so much in their young lives but how wonderful that there's a way to make up for it for the rest of their lives.  I hope that YOU can please help ME to help THEM now, please.

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